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Halls Gap Zoo News – June 2013

Animal Action

The Pygmy Marmoset twins are growing fast and are lifting their heads to check you out when you come to visit. The Common Marmoset baby is very independent now, making his own way round instead of hitching a ride everywhere. The Black-capped Capuchins have settled into their new enclosure extremely well and are proving to be as popular as ever.

There’s been some action down in the pig pen. We have extended the yard to be substantially bigger and introduced “Sniper” a little miniature pig but unfortunately, we did have a sad time with losing one of our favourites, Peaches, to cancer.


We’ve had some late nights with a film crew in from Germany who are making a documentary about the threats to some of Australia’s unique species such as Bilbies and Wombats.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – May 2013

Animal Action

Our very productive Pygmy Marmosets have given birth to another pair of healthy twins. The Freshwater Crocodiles, Water Monitors and Perentie are all enjoying their new purpose-built heated rooms.


Now that school is back we have been keeping busy with campground talks and visits from some excited children as they get to have close encounters with lots of animals.

Keeper for a Day

We have also had some lucky individuals participating in the Keeper for a Day program. If you would like to spend a day working behind the scenes at the zoo contact us during open hours.


This month we would like to thank Yvonne at O’Driscolls Solicitors & Barristers for her continued support of the Zoo.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – April 2012

Animal Action

The Pygmy Marmoset twins are proving to be very entertaining as they explore their world and check everything out. They can often be found playing at the front of their enclosure where you can watch them chase each other or wrestle.

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of a Zoo is?

An important function of zoos is to be involved in conservation programs. This past week we were very excited to be able to contribute to a group of Bush Stone-curlews that will be released in southern NSW. It is most satisfying to be able to help with the survival of endangered species and lend a hand to breeding programs such as the Curlews whose range has declined drastically in south-eastern Australia to where it is now extinct in many of its known former areas.


It’s now full steam ahead with the Giraffe enclosure to have it finished ready for their arrival at the end of April. The area has been levelled, the moat constructed, the shed is nearing completion, the shade sail erected and the fencing has began.
You can now take a break up on the hill near the Bison under the newly erected shade sail. We have been able to build this thanks to the generosity of Jenny and Frank.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – February 2012

Animal Action

January has been a very busy month with the animals.
Most exciting was the arrival of Pygmy Marmoset infants. “Inti” gave birth to triplets (not a total surprise with how big her tummy was getting!!) on the 10th January but we were told by our vet and the species coordinator it is extremely rare for them to raise all three. Sadly we did lose one a few days later but the other two are healthy and going well. This species share the responsibility of raising their young with dad, “Churi”, helping by carrying the load then handing them over to mum for a feed. We are the only zoo in Victoria to have Pygmy Marmosets which are the smallest primate in the world.
Other new displays are Kestrels, Whistling Kite and Bustards as well as an Echidna. We also recently added Crested Dragons, Central Netted Dragons and a Death Adder to the reptile displays in the Fossil Cave.
The White-fronted Capuchin family are also now on display down near the Spider-monkeys.


A hectic month with the revamping of enclosures for the birds going on display, building an Echidna, Capuchin and Quoll enclosures and finishing off a second Koala enclosure. Preparation earthworks have began on the Giraffe enclosure and construction will be full speed ahead in readiness for their planned arrival in late March.


Thank you to Four Clowns Ice-Cream Parlour for their on-going support and make sure you try out one of their ice-creams after you visit the zoo.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – December 2011

NEW – Animal Adoption

Looking for the perfect gift for the animal lover in your family? Being released just in time for Christmas is the opportunity to personally adopt one of our gorgeous animals. Contact us for more details. We will also be making this available through the website as well.

It’s Our 4th Anniversary

We have just celebrated four years of ownership of Hall Gap Zoo. When we purchased the property 4 years ago there were 50 species of mainly native animals. Now there is over 150 different species to see including the world’s smallest monkey, the Pygmy Marmoset, through to the huge impressive American Bison and, of course, the ever popular meerkats.


We would like to welcome “Grampians Wedding Directory” into our family of sponsors. If you are planning a wedding then check out Beth’s website for a range of products and services that are available in the region to help you organise your big day.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – August 2011

Animal Action

This month has seen the arrival of Roxy the Estuarine Crocodile, Sweetie the Donkey and a pair of Satin Bower Birds. This is a wonderful time of the year with joeys popping their heads out of pouches in at least six Wallaby species as well as the Bilbies, Eastern and Tiger Quolls with many other species starting breeding or nesting in preparation for spring.
The Pygmy Marmosets have settled in well and we are running a naming competition for them. Entry forms are available at our reception counter or alternatively send your suggestion(s) to us with your name and contact details for the chance to win a family day pass. Entries close the end of August.


There are enclosures for Red-Bellied Black Snakes and Whistling Kites currently being built.


This month we would like to thank Michael & Rowena at the Comfort Inn, Halls Gap for their support by becoming a major sponsor of the zoo.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – July 2011

Animal Action

It has been nearly all reptile relocation this month.
“Shrek” the Green Iguana is now on display in his new enclosure in the zoo entrance building. He came to us from Brisbane’s Alma Park Zoo, Queensland in January last year. Shortly after arriving, Shrek made a few public appearances including the Horsham Art Gallery, Hamilton Library and Ararat Library. Since then he has been off display, we thought until we were able to construct a Reptile House, but we have been able to source a suitable display unit that, with some shuffling in the entrance building, enables us to put him on view now.
Sharing his enclosure are Star and Hermann’s Tortoises.
Other additions for public viewing are two Boa Constrictors who now have a home in the Fossil Cave.


The Pygmy Marmoset enclosure is nearly completed ready for their expected arrival on Monday 11th July.


We would like to thank Dianne & team at Pykes Pets & Cycles for their continued support of the zoo and Ian & Heather Seaman from Dulkeith Computer Solutions for their sponsorship of the Giraffe/Zebra Complex.

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