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Halls Gap Zoo News – February 2011

Animal Activity

The main activity with animals this month has been outgoing rather than incoming. As part of the captive breeding management plan, Jasper & Hans (two of our Black-handed Spider-monkeys) have moved to Darwin to make room for a new male, Renaldo, to go in with Heather to hopefully start a family; more females to join them soon.

Zoo Grounds

The zoo weathered the January downpour reasonably well with the main casualty being the pathways; nothing that several truckloads of gravel and many hours of labour haven’t been able to fix and we were only closed for one day. We would like to thank David Martin for getting those loads of gravel here as soon as the road from Stawell was open.

Renovations in the monkey area will provide space for some new displays over the next month.

Opening Hours

Halls Gap Zoo will now be open every day of the year, except Christmas Day, 10am-5pm.

We would like to thank Shelley Waldron, Education Officer at Melbourne Zoo for her continued support of the Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – October 2010

This last month there has been a hive of activity. We have new enclosures being constructed that will appeal to the reptilians out there. There is one for our mid-sized lizards – Cunningham skinks, Bearded dragons, Blue-tongues etc, one for venomous snakes, one for Perenties and another two monitor pits to go in.

Perfect weather for the school holidays has seen lots of people enjoying time out at the zoo. Over the holidays there have been photo opportunities for visitors to be up close and personal with not only the meerkats but also the dingoes, alligators, snakes and chameleon.

We had our first wedding ceremony with Chantelle and Jonathan tying the knot and having lots of photos taken with a selection of animals.

Another special event during September was a visit by Giaan Rooney and some of the team from Channel 9’s “Postcards” show which should air in the next few weeks.

We would like to thank Pomonal Bobcat Services for their continued support and welcome onboard new sponsor BSK Adventures.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – August 2010


Saturday 31st July saw the arrival of two young male American Alligators that were sourced from The Australian Reptile Park at Gosford, NSW. They currently measure nearly 1 metre in length and will eventually grow to over 4 metres.
American Alligators are better equipped to deal with cooler conditions than any other crocodilian however we have constructed a heated pool for them (with the help of Grampian Pools and Spas) and they will have the choice of indoor heating or for those sunnier days there is an outdoor basking area.
The American Alligators join the 450 plus other animals at Halls Gap Zoo, including the ever popular meerkats who have proven to be a hit with all ages.

Sponsorship from several business, service clubs and private individuals is very much appreciated and this month we would like to thank Howdens of Stawell and Designs n’ Signs for their on-going support.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – July 2010

Wow, what a month we have had! Our most exciting news is our success in breeding bilbys. We are part of the Zoo Aquarium Association “Breed and Release Program” for this endangered species. One of our two precious joeys will be released into a protected area in the wild and the other will be used in the captive breeding program. Other animal activity is the arrival of three Northern Quoll who are part of a breeding program to save this endangered species and six Black-headed Flying Foxes.

Work Experience

It has been a hive of activity with several work experience students spending time with us including Ellie and Nicole from England. These two girls are undertaking a National Diploma in Animal Management at the College of West Anglia, Wisbech and they decided that for their workplace component they would venture downunder for an experience of a lifetime.
We have also had the benefit of the retired head curator from Werribee Zoo here working with everyone for a very informative and hands-on learning experience.


We would like to thank Sheila Vernon and family from Brighton for their support by sponsoring one of the koala enclosures and for the on-going support of Reppers Rural Merchandise.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – May 2010


The meerkats have settled in extraordinarily well with many people taking the opportunity to have a meerkat encounter. This involves sitting in the enclosure with their lunch on your lap. Inquiries can be made at the kiosk.

Bison & Barbary Sheep

Our main new arrivals this month are the American Bison – they are huge!! Our two boys arrived from Monarto Zoo on the 21st April. While Monarto staff where here we were able to shift the Barbary Sheep so that they are now all together.


Construction this month has been on a new enclosure for the Spotted-tailed Quoll that arrived late last month. They have been in the Nocturnal House but will be moved into the new enclosure next to the Fossil Cave. With moving a few of the nocturnal animals around we have been able to shift a Woma Python and a Diamond Python onto display. A new dingo area has also been started.


During April we have been able to welcome many locals as new members of the zoo. If you are interested in becoming a member, which represents great value for money, contact us on 5356 4668 or inquire on your next visit.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – April 2010

New Animals


The meerkats have arrived!! Come and watch these inquisitive little creatures these school holidays. We will be open every day over the Victorian school holidays 10am – 5pm.

Other New Animals

Other new animals this month have been Spotted-tailed Quoll, Red-tailed Phascogales, Wapiti, Ostrich and Western Grey Kangaroos.


Construction is underway for new dingo enclosures and the finishing touches are being made to the bison enclosure with planned arrival in the third week of April.


We would like to thank our sponsors this month – Rayners Fruit & Vegetable Wholesalers, Tim’s Place (Backpackers) and Four Clowns Ice Cream Palour. Their on-going support is much appreciated.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – March 2010

New Animals

February saw the arrival of the Przewalski’s Horses (pronounced sheh-val-skee). They are a critically endangered species with less than 2000 individual animals in existence. Listed as extinct in the wild in the 1960’s, zoos have played a crucial role in returning this species to its natural habitat with an international captive breeding and reintroduction program. The new arrivals here are excess males not required for the breeding program and are named Valeri who is 20yrs old and Max who is 2yrs old.

“Jabuh”, our male bilby now has a playmate and other additions include white kangaroos and white tammar wallabies.


The meerkat enclosure is well underway with the expected arrival date of the meerkats being the week beginning 22nd March, just in time for the school holidays.


The meerkat enclosure is being sponsored by The Ararat Bakery and their support is much appreciated. If you are interested in sponsoring a particular animal or enclosure please contact us.

School Holidays

During the Victorian school holidays we will be open every day 10am – 5pm.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – February 2010

On the Road

This month Greg has been busy with his vacation visits to local caravan parks as well as to the Hamilton and Ararat libraries and the Horsham Art Gallery where numerous local children met Huey the Dingo, Montana the Python and Shrek the Green Iguana amongst others. Shrek is one of our new residents who came to us from Brisbane Zoo but will not be on display until the Reptile House is constructed.

New Animals

Other new additions this month include Golden Pheasants and Red-necked Wallabies from Taronga Zoo as well as a male Tasmanian Devil from Healesville Sanctuary for the breeding program. The Eastern Quoll are now on display in their new enclosure. Now is also the time when you may catch sight of a joey or two as they venture out of mum’s pouch to explore their surroundings. Daryl our Brolga is back in his wetlands after an operation on his foot.

Feedback over these holidays has been one of surprise at how big the zoo is, as well as the variety and number of animals on display. We now have over 420 individual animals, consisting of over 100 different species, on display with a walking track of nearly 2kms. The range of animals includes many native species as well as exotics.

Opening Hours

With the children back at school we have returned to normal opening hours of 10am – 5pm daily, closed on Tuesday. Any queries contact us during open hours on 5356 4668 or by email at

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Halls Gap Zoo News – January 2010

Extended Opening Hours during School Holidays

During the school holidays we will be open every day 10am – 5pm and until 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Many of our Australian animals are more active in the cool of the evening so take advantage of these extended hours for an enjoyable evening with the animals, then relax in the company of family or friends with a barbecue tea.

Animal Action

“Diesel” our young crocodile now has some Mertens Water Monitors to keep him company. These two species are both found in the inland waters of northern Australia.
“Fidel”, a male from Melbourne Zoo and “Suela”, a female from Taronga Zoo, Sydney are our two new Cotton-top Tamarins. They have been a little shy but are settling in happily together.
Also on display now is a Barn Owl who is currently being housed with the Boobook Owls.


The main construction this month has been extending the Tasmanian Devil area and creating an area nearby for our Eastern Quoll, who will be on display very soon.


This month we would like to thank Shelley (Melbourne Zoo) & family, Grant (exhibiting artist at Halls Gap Zoo) & Helen Thomas and Reppers Rural Merchandise, Stawell for their on-going support.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – November 2009

New Animals


To see one of Australia’s largest lizards with the most striking markings, the Perentie, wander slightly to your right as you leave the entrance building. Ours is a young one, but will eventually grow to approximately 2 metres in total length.


At the Nocturnal House entrance you can see one of our Veiled Chameleons with his remarkable colouring of greens and yellows.

Nocturnal House

Inside the Nocturnal House we have moved the Common Brushtail Possum and her baby into one of the larger enclosures, moved the Feathertail Gliders into one of the smaller enclosures with the Mitchell’s Hopping-mice and moved out one of the snakes to accommodate a Brushtail Rabbit-rat.

Canada Geese

Some Canada Geese are now in residence with the Barbary Sheep and will follow you along the path, thankfully on the other side of the fence!


Last, but by no means least, we have the ever popular koalas back on display thanks to Jirrahlinga Koala & Wildlife Sanctuary, Barwon Heads.

Art Gallery

The art gallery is expanding with new pieces arriving from far and near. If you are interested in nature-based art, call in to check out the current collection.


This month we would like to thank Narelle and team at PETstock Stawell for their continued support.

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