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Halls Gap Zoo News – April 2012

Animal Action

The Pygmy Marmoset twins are proving to be very entertaining as they explore their world and check everything out. They can often be found playing at the front of their enclosure where you can watch them chase each other or wrestle.

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of a Zoo is?

An important function of zoos is to be involved in conservation programs. This past week we were very excited to be able to contribute to a group of Bush Stone-curlews that will be released in southern NSW. It is most satisfying to be able to help with the survival of endangered species and lend a hand to breeding programs such as the Curlews whose range has declined drastically in south-eastern Australia to where it is now extinct in many of its known former areas.


It’s now full steam ahead with the Giraffe enclosure to have it finished ready for their arrival at the end of April. The area has been levelled, the moat constructed, the shed is nearing completion, the shade sail erected and the fencing has began.
You can now take a break up on the hill near the Bison under the newly erected shade sail. We have been able to build this thanks to the generosity of Jenny and Frank.

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