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Halls Gap Zoo News – June 2010

No new species this month but we still have some new additions for you to see. Sandy and Jedda, a pair of dingoes, have taken up residence in the new dingo enclosures located near the koalas. We are relocating all our dingoes so we can turn their existing area into Tree Kangaroo and Panda enclosures. We have also added to our Himalayan Tahr numbers by moving Taronga Zoo’s (Sydney) males here until they are required for breeding in two years time. This is another example of the partnerships we are building up with many zoos across Australia.

Red Pandas

We have been asked to display two Red Pandas later this year and a major part of their diet is bamboo. So, we are asking for anyone who has a stand of bamboo who would be willing for us to harvest a percentage of it from time to time to contact us so we can build up a list of available places we can use while we are waiting for the plants we have put in here to grow large enough to harvest.


The meerkats all have names now – Tiny, Cody, Buddy and Mika. Lots of people are taking the opportunity to experience a close encounter with the meerkats. These have been popular as a birthday present for a friend or family member.


This month we would like to thank Pykes Pets & Cycles and Catnip for their continued support.

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