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Halls Gap Zoo News – September 2009

Animal Action

This month has been quiet for additions, but we have had a few. In mid-August we added ten Red-bellied Pademelons and a pair of Southern Brown Bandicoot with their young. These came from Mt Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre as will the Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies this weekend. The Cassowary chicks are now out on display in their recently finished enclosure and one of the nanny goats has just given birth to twins.
We have moved the Common Marmosets into one of the new enclosures in the playground area which freed up their old enclosure to be modified and refurbished for the Spotted-tailed Quoll to go on display.

National Threatened Species Day

National Threatened Species Day is held on 7th September each year to encourage communities to help conserve Australia’s unique native fauna and flora. We can all help in preventing further extinctions by finding out what threatened species are in your backyard, what they need and to help them get it.
We have several threatened species in breeding programs and on display at the zoo including SA Mainland subspecies of Tammar Wallaby, Cassowary, Brush-tailed Bettong, Northern and Spotted-tailed Quoll, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Tasmanian Devil, Bilby, Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby and Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby.


This month we would like to thank Paul, Sheree and the team at The Ararat Bakery for their support. They have chosen to assist in the process of acquiring the Meerkats by being a major sponsor. If you would be interested in becoming a sponsor call us on 5356 4668 or email

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