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Halls Gap Zoo News – April 2009

New Animals

The Bennetts wallaby, known as the Red-necked Wallaby on mainland Australia, is one of the Tasmania’s most commonly seen native animals. We have acquired a pair of Albino Bennetts Wallaby from Zoodoo Wildlife Park in Tasmania along with a pair of Eastern Quoll.

Male Eastern Quolls are about the size of a small domestic cat, females are slightly smaller. They have soft fur that is coloured fawn, brown or black. Small white spots cover the body except for the bushy tail which may have a white tip. Eastern Quolls were once found throughout southeastern mainland Australia and Tasmania but are now considered to be rare if not extinct on the mainland. Our pair is currently off display as a part of a breeding program.

Camel and Pony Rides at the Zoo

Ever wanted to ride a camel?? Or would you prefer to ride a pony? Boris and Tammy the camels, along with Joey and Ruby the ponies, have been trekking around Queen Vic Market in Melbourne and will now be available for rides at the zoo most weekends, public holidays and during school holidays.


Construction is full steam ahead. We were recently offered the chance to display a 1.5m American Alligator so construction has started on that enclosure. A recent visit of representatives from Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Zoo brings us one step closer to our meerkats arriving (hopefully in May) and their enclosure will be built in the playground area. Another outcome from this visit is the acquisition of “Dot” the Zebra. We are aiming for Dot’s arrival to be July. Our new entry building/art gallery is also on the go.


This month we would like to thank Haircutters Workshop in Stawell for sponsoring the Northern Quoll and Corella Rise Bed & Breakfast for sponsoring the Corellas.

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