Petrogale xanthopus


There are two sub-species of Yellow-footed Rock–wallabies. Petrogale xanthopos xanthopos inhabit the dry, semi-arid rocky regions of South Australia’s Flinders, Gawler and Willouran Ranges and the Olary Hills. Small, isolated populations can also be found in western New South Wales. Petrogale xanthopos celeris occurs in Queensland.


Petrogale xanthopos xanthopos are found in semi-arid areas where rainfall is unreliable. The species is closely associated with steep cliffs, rocky outcrops and caves with water within a two kilometre radius.


Diet consists of grasses and forbs and, during drought, browse on shrubs and trees.

Social Interaction

Live in colonies comprising of one or two larger adult males, several adult females and their offspring. The younger males and occasionally females may form their own colony nearby.

Conservation Status