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Halls Gap Zoo News – April 2014


WOW – What a day! A big thank you to all that supported our Toyota Open Day with monies raised going to the Stawell, Halls Gap and Pomonal CFA’s and Stawell SES. It was absolutely amazing and your patience when waiting in line (for everything) was brilliant. We would also like to acknowledge and thank those who helped on the day.


We have had a very successful breeding season with five curlews ready to be released in the near future as part of the NCWG Bush Stone-curlew breed and release program.


Thank you to “Tim’s Place” for your continued support.

Animal of the month

Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Facts on water buffalo

  1. Water buffalo is a large animal. Males are three times bigger than females.
  2. They can reach 6.6 to 9.8 feet in height, and weight between 1500 and 2650 pounds.
  3. Water buffalo are a domesticated animal used mainly in Southeast Asia for tilling rice fields and to provide mike. Their milk is richer in fat and protein than that of the dairy cow.
  4. Water buffalo is used as a transportation system for transfer of heavy loads and people. Because of that, it is known as “tractor of the east”.
  5. Water buffalo spends majority of its day submerged in the muddy water. This way, animals is able to keep its body temperature stable and prevent overheating.

Kids Activities

Download the kids activities sheets for this month featuring water buffalo.

Keeper profile

Five minutes with Ron

Where did you grow up?
Ballarat & District

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do when you are not at work?
Running, Bike riding and Fishing.

What made you decide that you wanted to work in a zoo? What attracted you to this job?
Took early retirement from Australia post, Needed a part time job. Love the fact it an outside job.

Where have you worked before this job?
Australia Post 40 Years

Have you had any special training that prepared you for this career? Are you pursuing any further qualifications?
No and No

What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?
Watching the development and being part of it.

What’s the hardest thing for you about your job?
Remembering to do things!

Do you have a favourite animal? Why is it your favourite?
Bill the Water Buffalo. He’s a bit of a loner….

Do you have any advice to offer people who are aspiring to work in this field?
Be prepared to work. Be ready for anything.

How long have you worked at the Halls Gap Zoo?
12 Years

Most exciting thing about working at the zoo or with a particular animal?
Playing hide and seek with the giraffe, when trying to lock them in for the night it’s a matter who was the smartest.


Halls Gap Zoo News – March 2014


Finally some cooler weather has arrived and it’s a great time to visit the zoo, especially before it gets busy with the school holidays. Come on in and spend a couple of hours wandering along the 2 kilometre path, checking out the 160 plus species. Take advantage of one of the optional extras such as the meerkats climbing onto your lap, going in with the dingoes or perhaps the reptiles might be more your scene with holding a snake, alligator or one of the lizards, including Winston the chameleon.

Halls Gap Zoo News – February 2014

Summer Has Arrived

Late in arriving but here in force now, isn’t it? The keepers are extra busy with making sure all the animals are being kept as cool as possible and we suggest that if you are planning to visit make it earlier in the day if you can when it’s more comfortable and there’s more animal activity. We open every day at 10am.

Thank You

We were very fortunate in regard to the fire and our thoughts are with those who were less so. We would like to thank everyone for their support and words of encouragement in person and through Social Media.

Halls Gap Zoo News – January 2014


As a new year begins we once again reflect on the last twelve months and the achievements we have made. The increased variety of animals on display in new or revamped enclosures are all contributing to our growing reputation of being Victoria’s largest regional zoo with now over 160 different species around the 2km walking track and well worth a visit. With plans to keep moving forward – watch this space.


We would like to thank the local business houses for their continued support this past year by way of their sponsorships and in particular this last month to Four Clowns Ice Creams so make sure you try out one of their ice-creams after you visit the zoo.

Halls Gap Zoo News – December 2013

Animal Action

The Brolga crèche has been expanded with the arrival of two males from Serendip Sanctuary. We also took down to them a female Bustard and bought back a male so that we both have a pair each. The Red Panda from Cairns has settled in and can be seen exploring his new home.

Christmas Shopping

Do you have all your Christmas shopping done? We have Gift Certificates available for Day Passes, Animal Encounters, Adoptions, etc.

Season’s Greetings

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last twelve months and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – November 2013

Animal Action

Some comings and goings this month. We took some Owl chicks to the National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra as well as to Chris at Wild Action who also took some Wallaby joeys. We picked up Gila Monsters from Taronga Zoo in Sydney as well as an Alligator and Burmese Python from Australian Reptile Park at Gosford The Tassie Devils destined for release on Maria Island (off the coast of Tasmania) are going well and will fly out of Stawell on Wednesday.

People Action

We have had lots of groups coming through from schools and Probus Clubs. Also visiting this month was a recently retired Curator from Melbourne Zoo who spent some time training the keepers.


Halls Gap Zoo News – October 2013

Animal Action

Come and see the new piglets. “Sniper” is looking after her first litter like a champ. Action down in the goat enclosure with the arrival of “Fergus” and some cute kids as well. The first of the Devils destined for release back into disease-free areas of Tasmania have arrived. Shey and Izazi, two more Servals have arrived after a couple months in quarantine.


Make your way to the zoo to entertain the children for a few hours over the holidays.


Memberships are great value with the cost being equivalent to two visits and you can come as many times as you like in the 12 months from date of purchase.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – September 2013

Wombat Action

After 8 months of hiding, little joey Becky has finally emerged from mum’s pouch!

National Threatened Species Day

National Threatened Species Day is held on 7th communities to help conserve Australia’s unique native fauna and flora.

At Halls Gap Zoo we are poised ready to take delivery of numerous Tasmanian Devils as part of the Tasmanian Devil Insurance Population Project – the first group set to arrive Sept 24. The majority of Devils born in mainland zoos are intensively managed so they are coming here to learn how to “become Devils” with minimum human contact and managed in such a way they will learn natural Devil behaviours in large enclosures before being transported to the disease-free islands and protected peninsulas of Tasmania.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – August 2013

Animal Action

We have had a reshuffle with the Primates to allow for a new Cotton-top Tamarin.

Main construction this month has been for “Maggie” a Wedge-tailed Eagle that is coming to us from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Queensland. Travelling with Maggie will be the first Brolgas for the “nursery” flock. Halls Gap is to be the meeting ground for the young brolgas in the zoo system where they will choose their mates before moving on to other zoos as a bonded pair.

Memberships and Sponsors

It’s a great time of year to join the Halls Gap Zoo family. Memberships allow you to visit as many times as you want over a twelve month period.

Many thanks to the continued support from our Sponsors, Bob and Steph from Boroka Downs and Shelly Waldon from Melbourne.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – July 2013

Animal Action

Our new Primate Complex is now completed with the Spider-monkeys and Lemurs being shifted in alongside the Black-capped Capuchins. Joeys are now poking their noses out of their mum’s pouches and may even feed from your hand. The new Tasmanian Devil area is progressing and we had two new devils arrive this week.

School Holidays

Looking for somewhere to take the kids over the holidays? Allow a few hours, if not all day, to see over 160 species from Australia and around the world. Bring a picnic lunch or sausages for a bbq.

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