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Halls Gap Zoo News – November 2012

Animal Action

“Ethan” and “Julian”, two more Ring-tailed Lemurs, have arrived from Australia Zoo. A Red-bellied Black Snake is now on display in the Fossil Cave and there are several more bird species to be seen in the Macaw aviary and a second aviary nearby. The wallaby joeys are starting to venture out of mum’s pouch.

School Visits

October has been a very busy month for schools visiting the zoo. We also had a few trips out – to Stawell, Dunkeld, Horsham, Trentham and Glenthompson.


Along with the aviary, work on the new Perentie enclosure is progressing and a new entrance gate into the Red-necked Wallaby enclosure.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – August 2011

Animal Action

This month has seen the arrival of Roxy the Estuarine Crocodile, Sweetie the Donkey and a pair of Satin Bower Birds. This is a wonderful time of the year with joeys popping their heads out of pouches in at least six Wallaby species as well as the Bilbies, Eastern and Tiger Quolls with many other species starting breeding or nesting in preparation for spring.
The Pygmy Marmosets have settled in well and we are running a naming competition for them. Entry forms are available at our reception counter or alternatively send your suggestion(s) to us with your name and contact details for the chance to win a family day pass. Entries close the end of August.


There are enclosures for Red-Bellied Black Snakes and Whistling Kites currently being built.


This month we would like to thank Michael & Rowena at the Comfort Inn, Halls Gap for their support by becoming a major sponsor of the zoo.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – March 2011

Animal Activity

A new group of Spinifex Hopping-mice and three more Squirrel Gliders have been moved into the Nocturnal House along with all the Possums. Renovations to what was the Possum enclosure enabled us to bring onto display three Blue-winged Kookaburras and a pair of Barking Owls.

School Visits

The school year is underway with bookings currently being made for both evening encounters at one of the school campgrounds and/or visits here at the zoo. We would like to thank both Norval and Roses Gap for their continued support in this area.

Animal Encounters

A close encounter with one of our favourites, the meerkats, is still proving to be a great treat along with entering the dingo den or holding an alligator, chameleon or snake.

Birthday Parties

A popular choice for the young, and the young at heart, is to have your next birthday party at the zoo. Special rates are available so give us a call to book the bbq and enjoy a great family day out.

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