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Halls Gap Zoo News – September 2012

National Threatened Species Day

Zoos from around Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea met for a 3 day conference last week and many of the presentations centred around the Koala, Tasmanian Devil and Bilby – all precious Australian natives that are facing serious threats to their survival. National Threatened Species Day is held on 7th September each year to encourage communities to help conserve Australia’s unique native fauna and flora. Great websites to find out more on how you can help Australia’s threatened species are,,,

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Halls Gap Zoo News – March 2012

Animal Action

There has been a bit of everything this month. The Black-capped Capuchins are happy to be back on display in their newly constructed enclosure next door to the White-fronted Capuchins. We have also acquired some koalas, including a young joey that now calls the recently completed second koala enclosure home. Sadly, we lost one of our dingoes, Jedda, who died from old age related problems.


The main construction this month has been to finish the capuchin enclosure and work continues on the quoll enclosure.

Giraffe Update

Unfortunately, due to bureaucratic red tape the giraffe enclosure and the arrival of the giraffe have once again been delayed. We were hoping to have them here in time for Easter but, barring any more hold ups, it will now be towards the end of April.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – February 2012

Animal Action

January has been a very busy month with the animals.
Most exciting was the arrival of Pygmy Marmoset infants. “Inti” gave birth to triplets (not a total surprise with how big her tummy was getting!!) on the 10th January but we were told by our vet and the species coordinator it is extremely rare for them to raise all three. Sadly we did lose one a few days later but the other two are healthy and going well. This species share the responsibility of raising their young with dad, “Churi”, helping by carrying the load then handing them over to mum for a feed. We are the only zoo in Victoria to have Pygmy Marmosets which are the smallest primate in the world.
Other new displays are Kestrels, Whistling Kite and Bustards as well as an Echidna. We also recently added Crested Dragons, Central Netted Dragons and a Death Adder to the reptile displays in the Fossil Cave.
The White-fronted Capuchin family are also now on display down near the Spider-monkeys.


A hectic month with the revamping of enclosures for the birds going on display, building an Echidna, Capuchin and Quoll enclosures and finishing off a second Koala enclosure. Preparation earthworks have began on the Giraffe enclosure and construction will be full speed ahead in readiness for their planned arrival in late March.


Thank you to Four Clowns Ice-Cream Parlour for their on-going support and make sure you try out one of their ice-creams after you visit the zoo.

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