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Halls Gap Zoo News – September 2011

National Threatened Species Day

National Threatened Species Day is held on 7th September each year to encourage communities to help conserve Australia’s unique native fauna and flora. It was first held in 1996 to commemorate the death of the last Tasmanian Tiger in captivity in 1936 in Hobart. The concept was developed to bring an awareness of the predicament of our threatened animals and plants. There are quite a number of Australian animals and plants now known to be extinct with many more classified as either endangered or vulnerable. Zoos around the world are involved in many endangered breeding programs.

At Halls Gap Zoo we are involved in twenty captive breeding programs such as Bilbies, Mainland Tammar Wallabies, Quolls and Bettongs which are breeding successfully; as well as in a supporting non-breeding capacity with several species including Red Panda and Pzrewalski’s Horses.

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Yes we are open. Following the recent weather events we have been quite fortunate with only being closed for one day while waiting for water levels to drop and to make some major repairs to the pathways for them to be wheelchair and pusher friendly again.

This extreme weather has certainly thrown some challenges to many residents and businesses in this region as well as those further afield. With the Grampians National Park currently closed with damage to roads and infrastructure attention turns to what attractions and activities are there in the region for the locals and visitors to enjoy.

As well as enjoying a trip to the zoo, visitors to Halls Gap can still view the grandeur of this magnificent mountain range while enjoying the ambience, observing the local wildlife while devouring their favourite ice-cream or relaxing with a cuppa in the main street. The region can boast to having some of the best wineries in the state as well as the award-winning Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre. And how long have we all been waiting for sufficient water in our lakes to enjoy some decent fishing or water sports?

Please visit and take pleasure in all Halls Gap has to offer one day soon!

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Halls Gap Zoo News – October 2010

This last month there has been a hive of activity. We have new enclosures being constructed that will appeal to the reptilians out there. There is one for our mid-sized lizards – Cunningham skinks, Bearded dragons, Blue-tongues etc, one for venomous snakes, one for Perenties and another two monitor pits to go in.

Perfect weather for the school holidays has seen lots of people enjoying time out at the zoo. Over the holidays there have been photo opportunities for visitors to be up close and personal with not only the meerkats but also the dingoes, alligators, snakes and chameleon.

We had our first wedding ceremony with Chantelle and Jonathan tying the knot and having lots of photos taken with a selection of animals.

Another special event during September was a visit by Giaan Rooney and some of the team from Channel 9’s “Postcards” show which should air in the next few weeks.

We would like to thank Pomonal Bobcat Services for their continued support and welcome onboard new sponsor BSK Adventures.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – July 2010

Wow, what a month we have had! Our most exciting news is our success in breeding bilbys. We are part of the Zoo Aquarium Association “Breed and Release Program” for this endangered species. One of our two precious joeys will be released into a protected area in the wild and the other will be used in the captive breeding program. Other animal activity is the arrival of three Northern Quoll who are part of a breeding program to save this endangered species and six Black-headed Flying Foxes.

Work Experience

It has been a hive of activity with several work experience students spending time with us including Ellie and Nicole from England. These two girls are undertaking a National Diploma in Animal Management at the College of West Anglia, Wisbech and they decided that for their workplace component they would venture downunder for an experience of a lifetime.
We have also had the benefit of the retired head curator from Werribee Zoo here working with everyone for a very informative and hands-on learning experience.


We would like to thank Sheila Vernon and family from Brighton for their support by sponsoring one of the koala enclosures and for the on-going support of Reppers Rural Merchandise.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – June 2010

No new species this month but we still have some new additions for you to see. Sandy and Jedda, a pair of dingoes, have taken up residence in the new dingo enclosures located near the koalas. We are relocating all our dingoes so we can turn their existing area into Tree Kangaroo and Panda enclosures. We have also added to our Himalayan Tahr numbers by moving Taronga Zoo’s (Sydney) males here until they are required for breeding in two years time. This is another example of the partnerships we are building up with many zoos across Australia.

Red Pandas

We have been asked to display two Red Pandas later this year and a major part of their diet is bamboo. So, we are asking for anyone who has a stand of bamboo who would be willing for us to harvest a percentage of it from time to time to contact us so we can build up a list of available places we can use while we are waiting for the plants we have put in here to grow large enough to harvest.


The meerkats all have names now – Tiny, Cody, Buddy and Mika. Lots of people are taking the opportunity to experience a close encounter with the meerkats. These have been popular as a birthday present for a friend or family member.


This month we would like to thank Pykes Pets & Cycles and Catnip for their continued support.

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