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Halls Gap Zoo News – December 2014

Animal Action

We have recently added another Dingo pup to the family. There are different geographical types of dingoes. We have always had the alpine dingoes, but this little one is a northern dingo which is finer in stature and lacks the undercoat of the alpine dingo.
Also recently arrived are the Golden Lion Tamarins. These Tamarins are bright reddish orange in colour and have extra long hairs around their face and ears which give it a distinctive mane. Found in the tropical rainforests of south-eastern Brazil they are listed as endangered as they have lost 95% of their original habitat.

Dinosaur Display

Just when you thought you’d seen it all at Halls Gap Zoo come and check out our latest “animal” exhibit. They have a reputation for being among the fiercest creatures that ever ruled the earth so we reckon you’ll be “Raptorvated”
Now we are not only home to the exotic and native but also the extinct.

Season’s Greetings

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last twelve months and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – August 2014

Animal Action

The dingo pups are growing and are now spending their days in the dingo enclosure with lots of visitors taking the opportunity to go in to have their photo taken with them.
Sniper’s little piglets are also wowing the visitors.
Being the year of the horse and we are very pleased to introduce our new Przewalski’s Horse, Murray. Murray has been transferred from Taronga Western Plains Zoo as a companion animal for our resident male Max, who sadly has been alone since his mate Valeri passed earlier this year. Keepers have been amazed at how quickly the pair have bonded.

Thank You

Thank you to Big 4 Parkgate Resort for their recent successful “Chat with the Cheetah” promotion.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – July 2014

Dingo Pups

Just arrived from Queensland are two of the cutest fluff balls you could ever hope to see. “Cat” and “Bobby” are eight week old dingo pups and are named in recognition of the support we have had for the dingoes from Cath and Rob – thanks guys. And now joined by a third little one so come and have your photo taken with these little cuties.


Also thanks to Dulkeith Computer Solutions for their continued support for the giraffe.


Ever considered purchasing a Zoo Membership? It’s great value for those who visit more than twice in a 12 month period.


Halls Gap Zoo News – March 2012

Animal Action

There has been a bit of everything this month. The Black-capped Capuchins are happy to be back on display in their newly constructed enclosure next door to the White-fronted Capuchins. We have also acquired some koalas, including a young joey that now calls the recently completed second koala enclosure home. Sadly, we lost one of our dingoes, Jedda, who died from old age related problems.


The main construction this month has been to finish the capuchin enclosure and work continues on the quoll enclosure.

Giraffe Update

Unfortunately, due to bureaucratic red tape the giraffe enclosure and the arrival of the giraffe have once again been delayed. We were hoping to have them here in time for Easter but, barring any more hold ups, it will now be towards the end of April.

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Halls Gap Zoo News – March 2011

Animal Activity

A new group of Spinifex Hopping-mice and three more Squirrel Gliders have been moved into the Nocturnal House along with all the Possums. Renovations to what was the Possum enclosure enabled us to bring onto display three Blue-winged Kookaburras and a pair of Barking Owls.

School Visits

The school year is underway with bookings currently being made for both evening encounters at one of the school campgrounds and/or visits here at the zoo. We would like to thank both Norval and Roses Gap for their continued support in this area.

Animal Encounters

A close encounter with one of our favourites, the meerkats, is still proving to be a great treat along with entering the dingo den or holding an alligator, chameleon or snake.

Birthday Parties

A popular choice for the young, and the young at heart, is to have your next birthday party at the zoo. Special rates are available so give us a call to book the bbq and enjoy a great family day out.

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