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Grampians Meerkats

Our Animals

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Australian Native Mammals

Black Flying Fox
Brush-tailed Bettong
Brush-tail Possum
Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby
Common Wombat
Feathertail Glider
Kangaroo Island Kangaroo (Albino & Normal)
Plains Mouse
Red necked Wallaby
Red-tailed Phascogale
Swamp Wallaby
Short-beaked Echidna
Spinifex Hopping Mouse
Sugar Glider
Tammar Wallaby
Tasmanian Devil
Tiger Quoll
Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby
Fat tail Dunnart


Native & Exotic Birds

African Fire-finch
Australian Bustard
Australian Masked Owl
Australian Rainbow Lorikeet
Australian Wood Duck
Black Swan
Black-faced Wood Swallow
Blue and Gold Macaw
Blue-fronted Amazon
Blue-winged Kookaburra
Bush Stone-curlew
Cape Barren Goose
Carnaby’s Cockatoo
Crimson Rosella
Diamond Dove
Dusky Lory
Eastern Barn Owl
Eclectus Parrot
Egyptian Goose
Green Winged Macaw
Indian Peafowl
Java Sparrow
Long-Billed Corella
Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo
Namaqua Dove
Nankeen Kestrel
Orange-bellied Parrot
Orange-breasted Waxbill
Pacific Black Duck
Princess Parrot
Red bishop Weaver
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
Red Junglefowl
Rose-crowned Fruit Dove
Scarlet Macaw
Southern Boobook Owl
Southern Cassowary
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Sun Conure
Superb Parrot
Tawny Frogmouth
Wedge-tailed Eagle
Whistling Kite
Black winged Stilt
Helmeted Guinea Fowl
Gouldian Finch
Painted Firetail Finch
Plum-headed Parrot
Common Waxbill
Canadian Goose
White-browed Wood Swallow
Yellow-tail Black Cockatoo

Veiled Chameleon

Native & Exotic Reptiles

American Alligator
Australian Tiger Snake
Black-headed Python
Black-headed Monitor
Blotched Blue Tongue Skink
Boa Constrictor
Boyd’s Forest Dragon
Burmese Python
Central Bearded Dragon
Centralian Carpet Python
Coastal Carpet Python
Centralian Blue-tongue Skink
Central netted Dragon
Cunningham’s Skink
Diamond Python
Fly River Turtle
Gila Monster
Green Iguana
Inland Carpet Python
Jungle Python
Lace Monitor
Merten’s Water Monitor
Northern Blue Tongue Skink
Olive Python
Ridge-tail Monitor
Rosenberg Monitor
Saltwater Crocodile
Shingleback Skink
Star Tortoise
Stimsons Python
Veiled Chameleon
Water Dragon
Western Hermann’s Tortoise
Eastern Bluetongue
Woma Python


Tufted Capuchin
Black and White Ruffed Lemur
Black-handed Spider Monkey
Common Marmoset
Cotton-top Tamarin
Golden Lion Tamarin
Pygmy Marmoset
Ring-tailed Lemur

Exotic Mammals

Fennec Fox
Red Panda
Slender-tailed Meerkat


American Bison
Asian Water Buffalo
Barbary Sheep
Himalayan Tahr
Hog Deer
Fallow Deer
Southern White Rhino (Arriving October)

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