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Halls Gap Zoo News – May 2010


The meerkats have settled in extraordinarily well with many people taking the opportunity to have a meerkat encounter. This involves sitting in the enclosure with their lunch on your lap. Inquiries can be made at the kiosk.

Bison & Barbary Sheep

Our main new arrivals this month are the American Bison – they are huge!! Our two boys arrived from Monarto Zoo on the 21st April. While Monarto staff where here we were able to shift the Barbary Sheep so that they are now all together.


Construction this month has been on a new enclosure for the Spotted-tailed Quoll that arrived late last month. They have been in the Nocturnal House but will be moved into the new enclosure next to the Fossil Cave. With moving a few of the nocturnal animals around we have been able to shift a Woma Python and a Diamond Python onto display. A new dingo area has also been started.


During April we have been able to welcome many locals as new members of the zoo. If you are interested in becoming a member, which represents great value for money, contact us on 5356 4668 or inquire on your next visit.

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2 Responses to Halls Gap Zoo News – May 2010

  1. Lou says:

    Hi there,

    I visited the zoo late last year for the first time since it’s changed hands and i was very, very impressed with the changes that have been made. You’ve changed it from a little wildlife park into a real zoo.

    I’ve got a few questions from my last visit if you wouldn’t mind answering them:
    – Are the pygmy marmosets being imported soon?
    – Have the BH spider-monkeys moved into their new exhibit?
    – When is the reptile house due to be completed?
    And finally,
    – Are the you still planning on acquiring servals? If so, do you know when?

    Answers to the above would very much be appreciated.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

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