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Halls Gap Zoo News – January 2009

We Have Been Celebrating!

On the 1st December we celebrated our first anniversary of owning Halls Gap Zoo.
For the last twelve months we have been busy with behind the scenes infrastructure such as a workshop, animal food preparation shed and laneways. We have started making changes out in the public area with new enclosures and renovating existing enclosures. When you visit you will notice some signs indicating what’s happening next and in the near future. This is the beginning of our plans to extend the range of exhibits extensively in the years to come.
If you would like to be involved please speak to staff about becoming a member, a sponsor or volunteer.
Members are entitled to unlimited entry during opening hours in the twelve months their membership is valid. Sponsors are entitled to a family membership, a sign on preferred available enclosure and your name on the sponsor board.

Nocturnal House

Our Nocturnal House opened on Boxing Day. This is home to Ringtail Possums, Long-nosed Potoroo, Northern Quoll, Squirrel Gliders, Brushtail Bettong, Spinifex Hopping Mice, Fat-tail Dunnarts, Death Adder and Carpet Python. Bilbies will be arriving soon.


Newly constructed wetlands are home to Swans, Wood Ducks, Black Ducks, Magpie Geese, Cape Barren Geese and a Brolga.


We are one step closer to being a part of the recovery program for the Brushtail Rock-wallabies with the arrival of some Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies which will be used as cross-foster mums.

Open in the Evenings

At this time of the year some of the animals go into hiding looking to get out of the heat, then come out in the cool of the evening. So you don’t miss out we are going to stay open later on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Thank you to Safeway in Ararat

We would like to acknowledge Safeway in Ararat for their continued support.

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