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Halls Gap Zoo News – August 2013

Animal Action

We have had a reshuffle with the Primates to allow for a new Cotton-top Tamarin.

Main construction this month has been for “Maggie” a Wedge-tailed Eagle that is coming to us from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Queensland. Travelling with Maggie will be the first Brolgas for the “nursery” flock. Halls Gap is to be the meeting ground for the young brolgas in the zoo system where they will choose their mates before moving on to other zoos as a bonded pair.

Memberships and Sponsors

It’s a great time of year to join the Halls Gap Zoo family. Memberships allow you to visit as many times as you want over a twelve month period.

Many thanks to the continued support from our Sponsors, Bob and Steph from Boroka Downs and Shelly Waldon from Melbourne.

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