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Halls Gap Zoo News – November 2010

Snakes, Lizards and Crocodiles

The Lizard Pit is completed with its new inhabitants settling in very well. If visitors spend a little time looking around and in the logs and rocks they will see Bearded Dragons, Cunningham Skinks and Shingleback Lizards. On the nearby slope is the Red-bellied Blake Snake in its enclosure. We have taken the two young alligators off display to show you our latest crocodilian; a two metre Freshwater Crocodile, but you can still get to see and hold one of the young alligators with an Alligator Encounter.


The other great excitement amongst our visitors at the moment is spotting the babies including ducklings and joeys. We are most excited at the successful hatching of Bush Stone-curlews chicks as these our one of our endangered species breeding programs.


We would like to thank local artist, Grant Thomas and wife Helen for their continued support. Grant has some of his spectacular apes on display in our art gallery and is sponsor for one group of the Cotton-top Tamarins.

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