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Halls Gap Zoo News – March 2010

New Animals

February saw the arrival of the Przewalski’s Horses (pronounced sheh-val-skee). They are a critically endangered species with less than 2000 individual animals in existence. Listed as extinct in the wild in the 1960’s, zoos have played a crucial role in returning this species to its natural habitat with an international captive breeding and reintroduction program. The new arrivals here are excess males not required for the breeding program and are named Valeri who is 20yrs old and Max who is 2yrs old.

“Jabuh”, our male bilby now has a playmate and other additions include white kangaroos and white tammar wallabies.


The meerkat enclosure is well underway with the expected arrival date of the meerkats being the week beginning 22nd March, just in time for the school holidays.


The meerkat enclosure is being sponsored by The Ararat Bakery and their support is much appreciated. If you are interested in sponsoring a particular animal or enclosure please contact us.

School Holidays

During the Victorian school holidays we will be open every day 10am – 5pm.

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