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Halls Gap Zoo News – January 2010

Extended Opening Hours during School Holidays

During the school holidays we will be open every day 10am – 5pm and until 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Many of our Australian animals are more active in the cool of the evening so take advantage of these extended hours for an enjoyable evening with the animals, then relax in the company of family or friends with a barbecue tea.

Animal Action

“Diesel” our young crocodile now has some Mertens Water Monitors to keep him company. These two species are both found in the inland waters of northern Australia.
“Fidel”, a male from Melbourne Zoo and “Suela”, a female from Taronga Zoo, Sydney are our two new Cotton-top Tamarins. They have been a little shy but are settling in happily together.
Also on display now is a Barn Owl who is currently being housed with the Boobook Owls.


The main construction this month has been extending the Tasmanian Devil area and creating an area nearby for our Eastern Quoll, who will be on display very soon.


This month we would like to thank Shelley (Melbourne Zoo) & family, Grant (exhibiting artist at Halls Gap Zoo) & Helen Thomas and Reppers Rural Merchandise, Stawell for their on-going support.

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