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Halls Gap Zoo News – August 2009

New Animals

Dingo Pup

Our chief new resident to greet you is “Tusk”, who is a creamy white dingo pup now 10 weeks old. He has worked out that his job here is to interact with our visitors, especially the children for whom he will wake from his sleep to play with.

White Peacock

Last Thursday we were able to add a white peacock to the collection. He is currently being housed with the Golden Pheasant and once he has settled in will roam freely with the other peacocks.

Tasmanian Devil

With the cooler and wetter weather, Midget has been keeping warm and dry in her above ground den which has been excellent for public viewing.


It’s coming into that time of the year when we get sneak peeks of the next generation of kangaroos and wallabies.


Work is continuing on the new entrance building/art gallery with the opening set for early September. The new enclosures for the small monkeys will also be completed in the next few weeks.


We would like to thank Ron & Jo at Boroka Downs for their continued support by sponsoring the curlews.

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