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Halls Gap Zoo News – June 2009

New Animals

We have had lots of new animals arrive over the last month. In the Nocturnal House you will find Feathertail Gliders and Red-tailed Phascogales. Once you go through the gate you will be greeted by not only the deer now but also some Red Junglefowl. These exquisite little fowl are ancestors of the domestic fowl and have worked out how the system works here very smartly!
We have also added to the off display reptile collection some Central Netted Dragons, Crested Dragons and Spencer’s Monitors. You may have noticed over the last few months that we have been building up the number and variety of reptiles and that at this stage they are not on display. The plan is to have a great display ready for you to see once the Reptile House is fitted out, so keep an eye out for that, most likely towards the end of the year or early next year.
There have been some enclosure changes made near the Red-necked Wallabies to allow some room for another attractive example of a macropod, the Agile Wallaby. Once they have settled in you will be able to enter their enclosure to enjoy the experience of getting close to another of this country’s wonderful wildlife to touch and feed.


Work is also going ahead on the Brush-tail Rock-wallaby enclosure with the fencing nearing completion and a variety of grasses planted – thanks Allan and Lucy for your time and help with that.
With council’s approval through it’s now full steam ahead with the new entrance building, so first impressions when you drive in will be of a construction site. Due to a few things out of our control the arrival of the meerkat’s has been delayed four to six weeks but we will keep you posted on any developments.


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