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Halls Gap Zoo News – February 2009

We have had a busy Christmas and New Year with lots of visitors enjoying themselves interacting with the dingo pups, holding the snakes and checking out our new enclosures. There are a few taking advantage of our extended hours on Friday and Saturday night when the animals tend to be more active, so give this some thought as it will only be available for a few more weeks.
Like us the animals find the hot weather trying and it sends them in search of the coolest spot they can find. This is usually where they can’t be seen or disturbed. With this in mind we recently decided not to open on days of 40 degrees plus (and let’s hope we don’t have too many more of them!!). This decision is based on consideration for the welfare of the animals and people.
The hot weather has slowed, but not stopped, our enclosure renovation work. The Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby mountains are finished and the fencing has been started. The Ostrich have been shifted to a new enclosure and their old enclosure now has a mountain and new fencing to hold Himalayan Tahr that are coming this month. Across the laneway there is another mountain that has been built and this will be the new home for the Barbary Sheep. The Cassowary enclosure has been started but it will be awhile until the chicks are old enough to go in there, at this stage they still need that little bit of extra care.

The additions and changes being made are exciting for us and we would like to share that with you. If you think you might like to visit on a more regular basis then consider becoming a member. A Family Membership costs $80 (equivalent to two visits) and entitles you to unlimited visits during open hours for the twelve months your membership is valid. Sponsorship of an enclosure is also available to individuals, businesses, social groups etc. This month we would like to thank the Staff and Volunteers of

Ararat Visitor Information Centre

for their support in sponsoring the Guinea Fowl (chosen for their gregarious chattering nature).

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